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How long does it take to get a job? New LinkedIn survey ranks time to hire for 10 job functions

A new U.S. analysis by LinkedIn data scientists finds that it takes an average of 61.7 days from the time that a finance job is posted on LinkedIn to the moment when the hirer reports it as filled. The median …

By Carla Coury
Carla Coury Executive Director, Career Management Center
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Software Developer vs. Software Engineer: What’s the Difference?

“Software developer” and “software engineer” are commonly used terms in the software engineering industry. But is there a difference between a software developer vs. a software engineer, and if so, what is it? While some companies and professionals use the …

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Data Engineer vs. Data Scientist: What’s the Difference?

Being a data engineer vs. data scientist means choosing between focusing on the construction of data storage solutions or on the analysis of data itself. While a career in data engineering involves primarily technical skills, like coding and understanding data …

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Skill Building Courses

Revit Templates: Views and Sheets

Taught by Paul F. Aubin
Start customizing your Revit templates to save time and create consistent starting points for every architect in your office. This…

Color for Design and Art

Taught by Jim Krause
Color for Design and Art removes the mystery from color theory, showing artists and nonartists alike how to confidently choose,…

Design Thinking: Prototyping

Taught by Randall Elliott
Today prototyping can be used throughout the design process: to generate ideas, validate concepts, or explore technologies. The possibilities have…

Unity 5: Network Gaming

Taught by Bruce Van Horn
Adding a multiplayer component can enhance a game’s overall playability—not to mention its staying power in the marketplace. In this…

Paneling with Dynamo for Revit

Taught by Colin McCrone
Discover how to enhance your paneling design workflow with Autodesk Dynamo, the visual scripting tool for Revit. In this course,…

Game Design Foundations: 1 Ideas, Core Loops, and Goals

Taught by Brenda Romero
Great games create compelling experiences and transport us to worlds strikingly different from our own. It’s no wonder that many…

Revit 2019: Essential Training for Structure (Imperial)

Taught by Eric Wing
Revit 2019 is a great program for structural engineering, offering cutting-edge tools for creating design alternatives, building simulations, and publishing…

Data Science Foundations: Choosing the Right Database

Taught by Kumaran Ponnambalam
Over the past few years, the database world has seen a plethora of new database types appear: document, key-value, graph,…

UX Foundations: Style Guides and Design Systems

Taught by Chris Nodder
A style guide is the document that sets the tone for how your organization communicates and how it designs its…

Revit 2019: Professional Office Interior Design

Taught by Chanté Bright
Are you an interior designer who wants to use Revit for your next project? Do you need to view and…

DevOps Foundations: Going Cloud Native

Taught by Karthik Gaekwad
Cloud native is one of the fastest growing trends in cloud computing. However, making the switch to cloud native while…

Cloud Complexity Management for Multicloud Deployments

Taught by David Linthicum
Many modern companies are spending most of their time and money migrating applications and data to the cloud. This is…

Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: Administering Office 365 and Intune

Taught by Andrew Bettany
Learn how to keep your users secure and up to date by configuring cloud identity and authentication with Azure AD…

DevOps Foundations: Accelerating Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise

Taught by Manuel Pais
To fully reap the benefits of continuous delivery (CD), organizations must stop seeing it as a set of technical practices…

Revit 2021: Essential Training for Architecture (Imperial and Metric)

Taught by Paul F. Aubin
Get up and running with Revit Architecture 2021 for architectural design. This course is designed for students who have no…

Revit: Structural Families

Taught by Eric Wing
Families are an integral part of working in Revit, and the key to creating custom content. They group similar elements…

Lean Technology Strategy: Economic Frameworks for Portfolio and Product Management

Taught by Jez Humble
In the majority of organizations, investment and prioritization decisions are not made on the basis of economic modeling. This inevitably…

Cert Prep: Unity Certified Associate Game Developer Animation and Cinematics

Taught by Alan Thorn
Unity boasts powerful animation features that can help you bring characters and objects to life. In this course, instructor Alan…

Revit 2022: Essential Training for MEP

Taught by Eric Wing
Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design is one of the major components of the BIM chain—and Revit is the design…

Data Wrangling in R

Taught by Mike Chapple
The tidy format provides a standardized way of organizing data values within a dataset. By leveraging tidy data principles, statisticians,…

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