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Newcomb-Tulane College Career Services empowers students to translate their lived experience and academic knowledge to their post-Tulane future through advocacy, action, and connections. No matter your plans and where you are in the process, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

How We Help You

Identify Majors, Careers,
and Employers

Explore interests, values, and skills related to majors, careers, and employers. It is common to come to college undecided or switch majors. Here are some resources to start exploring the possibilities.

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Develop Professional Documents, Connections, and Interviewing Skills

Build skills, create a professional brand, make connections, and prepare your resume/CV and other application documents to promote your skills and abilities with future employers or graduate programs.

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Search for Internships, Jobs, and Graduate Schools

Now that you know who you are and what you want. Start applying to jobs, internships, and graduate school. The resources below are a good starting point for actualizing your goals.

13+ Jobs for English Majors

As a former English major, I know the pain of coming home during summer break just for someone to say, “Oh, what are you going to do with that degree?” Jobs for English majors may not be as intuitive as …

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How long does it take to get a job? New LinkedIn survey ranks time to hire for 10 job functions

A new U.S. analysis by LinkedIn data scientists finds that it takes an average of 61.7 days from the time that a finance job is posted on LinkedIn to the moment when the hirer reports it as filled. The median …

By Carla Coury
Carla Coury Executive Director, Career Management Center
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Office of Fellowship Advising Funding

During your time as a student at Newcomb-Tulane College, you will discover wide-ranging resources to support your studies and academic endeavors – in and out of the classroom. The Office of Fellowship Advising (OFA) is the nexus for finding information …

By Edward Cruz (he/him/his)
Edward Cruz (he/him/his) Assistant Dean & Executive Director
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