NTC Career Services

We partner with students throughout their undergraduate careers as they explore, build, and actualize their limitless potential.

Empower students to translate their lived experience and academic knowledge to their post-Tulane future through advocacy, action, and connection. 

To meet and engage with each student where they are on their unique career journey. 

We appreciate each student’s individual perspective and move at a pace that is most pragmatic for their success.

We provide open, accessible resources and opportunities for students with diverse identities to realize their limitless potential. 

We engage our community in critical conversations which support students in pursuing future opportunities.

We maintain strong networks and connection with employers, faculty, and Tulane partners to benefit students as they build professional identities.

We anticipate students’ needs and continuously evolve our services in the ever-changing world of work.  

We value professional development to increase our knowledge in the field of career services to foster the growth of our students. 

We know each student engages in professional and career development at various phases of their time on campus, and our Explore, Build, and Actualize model provides students with the flexibility to engage when they are ready and to reassess their paths when new opportunities arise. Our team is prepared to meet them where they are in their career journey

  • Explore ideas, interests, and opportunities that allow for self-reflection.
  • Build skills and connections that foster personal and professional growth.
  • Actualize and reframe personal goals to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Model Overview
The stages of the career development are non-linear and an iterative process. Our model accounts for fluidity as students explore the vast personal and professional opportunities provided at Tulane University. Students will create momentum through exploration, self-awareness, skill building, developing connections, and actualizing their goals like a wave reaching its height.



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