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How long does it take to get a job? New LinkedIn survey ranks time to hire for 10 job functions

A new U.S. analysis by LinkedIn data scientists finds that it takes an average of 61.7 days from the time that a finance job is posted on LinkedIn to the moment when the hirer reports it as filled. The median …

By Carla Coury
Carla Coury Executive Director, Career Management Center
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7 Fast-Growing ESG Career Paths to Consider

In an era marked by pressing environmental concerns, it’s more important than ever to find ways to contribute to a sustainable future. One way to do so is to choose one the many exciting, challenging, and fast-growing ESG-related career paths

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How to Get Into Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be an elusive but exciting technological field. If you’re interested in working on creative, new technology that can impact how people solve everyday problems, the AI field might be right for you. This guide will teach you …

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Skill Building Courses

Revit: Architectural Families

Taught by Eric Wing
Revit families are an incredible feature, offering libraries of ready-made objects that can be used in CAD drawings or customized…

BASILE Studio: Designing Timeless Restaurants

Taught by Paul Basile
BASILE Studio builds restaurants, office spaces, and other high-end interiors that use classic materials—wood, glass, and steel—in high-tech ways. The…

CAD and BIM: Workflow for Rooms in Facilities Management

Taught by Shaun Bryant
Revit offers a workflow that’s uniquely suited to facilities management, particularly room and area design. You can take a linked…

VFX for Architectural Visualization

Taught by Scott Pagano
Each striking architectural visualization you see was likely created using an assortment of different tools. In this course, compositing and…

Revit: Sprinkler Design

Taught by Eric Wing
Learn how to design sprinkler piping and systems in Revit. Join instructor Eric Wing as he covers features, tools, and…

Architectural Design Project Type Basics

Taught by Branka Knezevic
We all occupy physical space and whether we realize it or not, our built environment affects us on many levels,…

Revit Architecture: Family Editor (Imperial and Metric)

Taught by Paul F. Aubin
The Family Editor offers Revit users a robust way to create standardized assets such as windows, doors, and other architectural…

BIM 360: Docs Essential Training

Taught by Eric Chappell
Explore BIM 360 Docs, the document management and collaboration application for the design, engineering, and construction industry. BIM expert Eric…

Revit LT 2022 Essential Training

Taught by Chanté Bright
Autodesk Revit is one of the most popular building information modeling (BIM) solutions today. And Revit LT provides an entry-level…

Architectural Practice Foundations

Taught by Branka Knezevic
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an architect, or what it’s like to run your own firm?…

Revit 2020: Essential Training for MEP (Metric)

Taught by Eric Wing
MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design is one of the major components of the BIM chain—and Revit is the design…

Revit: MEP Families (2016)

Taught by Eric Wing
Revit families are an incredible feature, offering libraries of ready-made objects that can be used in CAD drawings or customized…

Revit Stairs Workshop

Taught by Eric Wing
Discover how to use Revit—the powerful BIM software from Autodesk—to create simple to custom stairs and railings. Instructor Eric Wing…

BIM Manager: Managing BIM 360

Taught by Eric Wing
If you are ready to learn how building information modeling is managed full circle—from concept design and construction to maintenance…

Cert Prep: Revit Architecture Certified Professional

Taught by Shaun Bryant
Study to become a Revit Architecture certified professional with this test prep course from Autodesk Certified Instructor Shaun Bryant. Shaun…

Revit: AR and VR Workflows

Taught by Logan Smith
Getting consistent results in virtual reality means keeping best practices in mind all the way through the development process. In…

BIM Manager: Managing Revit

Taught by Eric Wing
Gain insight on how building information modeling (BIM) managers use Revit, and how you can align this software with your…

Cert Prep: Revit for Architectural Design Professional

Taught by Shaun Bryant
Autodesk Certified Professional (ACP) is the industry-leading credential, a benchmark of your expertise in world-leading design programs like Revit. ACP…

Revit 2021: Essential Training for Architecture (Imperial and Metric)

Taught by Paul F. Aubin
Get up and running with Revit Architecture 2021 for architectural design. This course is designed for students who have no…

Revit 2022: Essential Training for Structure (Imperial)

Taught by Eric Wing
Revit is a great program for structural engineering, offering cutting-edge tools for designing solid structures and publishing clear, easy-to-share documentation.…

Alumni Connections

  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Lenoir City, Tennessee
  • Graduate Architect Main Street Studio Architects, LLC
  • Mechanical Engineer Jacobs
  • BIM Manager PGAL
  • New York, New York
  • Project Manager Levien & Company
  • Architect Valerio Dewalt Train
  • Austin, Texas
  • Key Biscayne, Florida
  • CEO Cobo Construction Corp