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Women in STEM

Behind your favorite games, movies, cars, computers, apps, and appliances lies STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math. A background in STEM opens doors to today’s dream jobs. And you don’t have to start with an advanced degree. Teaching yourself a single programming language can be a path to lifelong learning—and a rewarding new career. This short film profiles inspiring examples of women who got their start, and found their calling, in STEM. It features Sheeri K. Cabal, database admin at Mozilla and author of the popular OurSQL podcast; Jess Stratton, author and the founder of Solace Learning; and Peggy Fisher, professor of computer science at Penn State and leader of several tech-focused after-school programs for disadvantaged youth.

Here Sheeri, Jess, and Peggy talk about the key factors to their success (confidence, community, and curiosity), and the ways they’re cncouraging more students to enter STEM. Watch and find out if there’s a future in these fields for you.

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