At the Freeman School, we empower our students to embrace real-world challenges. We dare students to think strategically and venture beyond business as usual. Whether you have recently chosen your major as an undergrad or you are on the way to earning your graduate degree, the Career Management Center gives you the skills you will use – over and over again – throughout your professional life.


Here, we offer expert, hands-on guidance to prepare you for a successful transition into the workplace and well into the future. Through one-on-one career advising, resume reviews, mock interviews and a host of other services, we give you the skills you will use throughout your professional life.


Meet with a career consultant, choose your major, take a career assessment, and learn about our career education courses

Create a resume, cover letter, and learn how to correspond with a recruiter or hiring manager over email

Learn how to network and why it is so important in your career journey

Prepare for phone, recorded video, live video, and in-person interviews

Q&A with ScottMadden Consultants and Veterans Rob Smith and Holly Thompson

Vault: Can you tell us a bit about the kind of work you do at ScottMadden?

Rob Smith: I work primarily within ScottMadden’s Corporate & Shared Services practice, specifically focused on advising our clients in the areas of finance and …

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2024 Internship Ranking By Vault

Author: Vault

Vault unveils their 2024 Internship Rankings, offering a comprehensive guide to the top internship programs across more than 30 categories. This year, drawn from over 13,000 intern reviews, these rankings shed light on the most coveted intern experiences, …

By Loren Brodie
Loren Brodie Recruiting Experience Manager
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Importance of a Freeman Format Resume

Recruiters often only look at a resume for 30-60 seconds. You must be able to get across who you are, your skills and experiences, and what you can offer to an organization in that short amount of time. You don’t …

By Carly Villa
Carly Villa Career Consultant
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