Unmasking the World’s Neurodiversity and Bringing your Authentic Self to Work

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If we’re going to start a movement to change the workforce of the future to be more inclusive for all, we need to understand the beauty of thought diversity by bringing #NeurodivergentVoices to the forefront.

Our team at Mentra is organizing a Webinar and Blog Series called ‘[Neuro]diversifying the Workforce of the Future’ so we can hear directly from self-advocates, industry leaders and changemakers about how we can step into a new reality built around a culture of empathy and understanding.

With this series, Mentra aims to lower the barriers to employment by bridging ecosystem partners through a centralized network – ultimately driving change through education and human connection. Together, we can enable accessibility and opportunity for inclusive employers to hire neurodivergents to feel empowered bringing their authentic selves to work.

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