Turning passion into a profession: the power of the Tulane network

Join us as Erik Schultz (SLA ’21) walks us through how he tapped into his Tulane Network and started his own successful company, Liberty Drones. Schultz reflects, “My journey from passion to profit, and how the Tulane Network was instrumental in this transformation, is a story I’m eager to share. It’s a tale that dives deep into my fascination with drones and how this interest evolved into a cutting-edge pressure washing drone company.” Schultz, is an alumnus of Tulane University’s School of Liberal Arts, and is a passionate entrepreneur with a keen interest in spearheading and developing start-ups. His time at Tulane was marked by extraordinary multitasking skills as he adeptly managed academic obligations, served as the captain of the lacrosse team, and ventured into the challenging world of entrepreneurship. Despite the inevitable hurdles, Schultz successfully founded several labor-driven businesses that made a significant positive impact on the community. His portfolio includes moving and pressure washing services and a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring equal access to sports equipment for public schools in New Orleans. He has harnessed the power of the Tulane network to present his innovative drone technology at several prestigious conferences and symposiums. At the L.A. Energy Symposium, he discussed the transformative potential of drones in the energy sector. He also contributed significantly to discussions about water management and wastewater treatment at the LA Water Conference and the Southeast Section for the Wastewater department for the City of Kenner. Furthermore, at a Tulane entrepreneurial Development talk, Schultz shared his personal journey of turning passion into profit, providing inspiration and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs within the Tulane community. Overall, Schultz’s effective use of the Tulane network has not only raised the profile of his pressure washing drone company but also positioned him as a thought leader in his field. Thriving under pressure, Schultz has always enjoyed serving in leadership roles. In 2022, he combined his learnings from Tulane and his entrepreneurial experiences to create Liberty Drones. This trailblazing company leads the industry in employing drone technology for high and low-pressure washing of industrial and commercial properties. Through his work with Liberty Drones, Schultz continues to showcase his commitment to innovation, leadership, and community service.