How to Pick Your OPT Start Date When You Don’t Have a Job Offer Yet

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In this video, we will walk through some key steps in the OPT application process. We will help you understand how to plan and pick your start date, especially when you don’t have a job offer.

Applying for your OPT early is really important, even if you don’t have a job lined up yet. We’ll talk about why this timing can make a big difference in your career and your peace of mind. You’ll learn how to avoid some common mistakes and keep your job prospects in the USA safe.

Choosing an OPT start date 30-45 days after you graduate can create a helpful safety net. This timeframe can give you a good buffer in case unexpected job opportunities come up or if your job search takes a bit longer. We’ll dive into why this “safe zone” is beneficial and how it can aid your job search.

If you already have a job offer, that’s great! We will guide you on how to pick an OPT start date that makes the most of this opportunity. For those still looking for a job, don’t worry, we have tips and strategies for you too.

The video also gives a summary of everything we talk about and some extra tips to boost your OPT application and job prospects.

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