How to Advance in Your Career as an LGBTQIA+ Individual

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Research indicates that 46% of LGBTQ employees have not revealed this identity to coworkers. In order to create an environment where employees are more committed to and satisfied with their job, it is imperative that the workplace allows employees to be their authentic selves. But, how can LGBTQ employees embrace their authentic selves while in their careers?

In this session, you’ll learn the best ways to advance and navigate through your career, and that are most comfortable for you!

About the Speakers :

Nikita Washington Nikita is a Black Trans UX Designer currently working at Ally, a leading digital financial services company. Transitioning from education to user experience design, Nikita highlights her personal experiences and the challenges she overcame in the hope that it will inspire folx from nontraditional backgrounds to pursue a career in tech.

David Iancu Ben Haim David is a Telecommunication veteran with over 15 years of experience with leading people and cross-functional teams, building product road-maps, and initiating projects to drive financial outcomes. What fascinates him the most when it comes to product management, is the ability to solve critical problems for customers with innovative products and services. Working for an international conglomerate, HQ in Vancouver, Canada where he leads 5G HSIA over LTE product

Boris Savitskiy Boris is a UX Manager & Designer in the DC metro area with 16+ years of experience. He believes in leveraging the entire organization and solving real-world problems with inclusive design. His expertise includes and is not limited to cross-functional work in commercial, non-profit, corporate, government, education, and cloud health industries. Currently, he’s leading a cross-functional team conducting requirement gathering, research, design, accessibility, and design system management. I am experienced in building a UX organization and processes tailored to specific needs from the ground up. Evangelize larger organizations to follow UX processes. Designer by day, foodie by night.

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