Find Your Path with SVA’s APEX

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Envision your future in a highly personalized experience with Student Veterans of America® (SVA)’s Academic+Career Pathway Explorer- APEX.

This tool was designed as part of SVA’s National Academic Advising Center to help you as a veteran understand your current skillset – including prior military and work experiences, hard and soft skills, knowledge and abilities, as well as your interests –  and to assist you with identifying academic and career goals as you create a clear path to your success.
Explore Occupations 
⦁ Learn about jobs that are aligned to your previous skills and your interests, or explore a completely new field 
⦁ Understand job outlook, duties, skills and education needed to be a successful candidate 
⦁ Get connected to real jobs offered exclusively through the SVA Career Nexus 
⦁ Find educational institutions and programs that can prepare you for a career in the given industry 
⦁ Favorite occupations to compare later or to discuss further with your SVA Success Coach as you build your map for success 
Explore Activities 
⦁ Uncover activities that can help you build real skills and network in your community or at your college or university 
⦁ Favorite activities of interest to save them to your dashboard to revisit or explore later, or to discuss their relevance toward meeting your goals with your SVA Success Coach 
Explore Institutions 
⦁ Find your “best-fit” college or university with veteran- relevant data points to compare and contrast which program is right for you 
⦁ Favorite academic programs and institutions, and work with your SVA Success Coach to help you plan your admission strategy, activate your VA benefits, and begin your higher education journey 
Explore Success Stories 
⦁ Get inspired by real stories of veterans that have come before that want to share their experiences and what their journey looked like 

Want to Discuss your APEX Exploration Deeper?
While APEX can help you explore and find your new path all on your own, SVA Success Coaches are available to help you navigate your next steps. Create a MySVA account today to access APEX and request a coaching session if you’d like more guided assistance.

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