Choose Your Major

Major Options

There are four majors as part of the Bachelor of Science in Management degree.

  • A major in Finance introduces students to financial markets, investments, and financial analysis.
  • A major in Marketing trains students to analyze marketing problems from an evidence-based perspective and generate well-thought-out and creative solutions. 
  • A major in Management prepares students to make strategic decisions, manage people, and bring new technologies and innovations to market.
  • A major in Legal Studies in Business introduces students to the principles of the law, social values, and moral concerns as they relate to business and commerce. 

It often helps to think about the business majors along a spectrum. Finance is going to be the most numbers-heavy, then Marketing (since majoring in Marketing at Freeman requires you to know how to analyze big data sets about consumer preferences), then Management (which requires much reading and writing on cases to understand both strategy and how to organize the firm and its employees to reach strategic goals), and finally Legal Studies in Business which teaches you through cases and reading about all the regulations and parameters in which businesses must operate. If you love to read and write, Legal Studies may be best for you, or perhaps Management. If you love to analyze data or build spreadsheet models, you might lean toward Marketing or Finance.

Career Impact

To go into a particular job function or industry, you do not necessarily have to study that field in college. For example, of the 2,436 Tulane alumni on LinkedIn who work in Marketing, only 453 of them studied Marketing as their Major. That’s fewer than 1 in 4.

Management, Legal Studies, and Marketing Majors often go into the same job functions (Sales, Business Development, Marketing, etc.) but sometimes Finance Majors do too! No option is closed to you because of your major choice. In fact, you can even choose to major in subjects outside of the Freeman School and reach the same career goals.