Informational Interviews

The informational interview is a type of interview in which you are in the driver’s seat. You ask all the questions.

To request an informational interview, reach out to an individual on LinkedIn or via email who has a job or career path that sounds interesting to you. Introduce yourself, tell them what impresses you or interests you about their career, and ask if they have a few minutes of time so that you can hear about their experiences. You are in charge of reaching out, setting up a time, and determining the format (phone, Zoom, in person).

In these types of conversations, you will uncover helpful information that will allow you to more effectively decide which roles and companies sound like the best fit for you. Informational interviews are NOT about directly getting a job but through the relationships you build with the people you reach out to for these conversations, you might be given the opportunity to interview later on or get a referral, which is when an employee recommends you as a candidate to their company.