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Video Production Paperwork, from Scripts to Schedules

Overlooking even one little piece of paperwork can spell ruin when it comes to video production. A simple oversight has the power to lead to other mistakes which, however small, can put you at risk of losing focus, going over budget, missing a deadline, or worse. In this course, join Rachel Longman, senior producer and videographer at RHED Pixel, as she takes you through all the finer points of video production paperwork, from scripts and schedules to shoot notes, prop and gear lists, stage plans, permissions, call sheets, and more.

Learn about the most important documents to organize beforehand so you have everything ready on the day of your shoot. Find out why gathering all the details ahead of schedule can optimize the limited time you have on set. As you prepare, Rachel breaks down the parts of a successful production day to help you stay focused exactly where it counts, protecting your time, workflow, and creative energy so your production gets the full attention it deserves.

Note: This course was created by RHED Pixel. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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