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Understanding US Trademarks: A Deeper Dive

Virtually every business has a trademark, whether they know it or not. Your trademark might be your most valuable asset. Trademark law isn’t just for the legal department. Anyone who handles marketing, branding, product management, or anything that relates to brands needs to have a well-rounded understanding of trademark law. In this course, trademark attorney and law professor Dana Robinson demystifies trademark law to help you learn to protect your brand and avoid infringing someone else’s rights. Dana provides a comprehensive overview of trademark law, explaining the difference between trademarks and other kinds of intellectual property. He demonstrates how to register and renew a trademark, and what to do if your registration is refused. Dana also explains how to deal with others using your trademark, and how to respond to a demand letter stating that you are allegedly infringing on someone’s trademark.

Disclaimer: This course is taught by an attorney and addresses US law concepts that may not apply in all countries. Neither LinkedIn nor the attorney teaching the course represents you and they are not giving legal advice. The information conveyed through this course is akin to a college or law school course; it is not intended to give legal advice, but instead to communicate basic information to help viewers understand the basics of intellectual property.

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