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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Project Management

Tackling climate change has moved from being a priority to an issue that demands immediate action. We, and the planet, are at a crossroads, and we must choose the correct route. As a result, sustainability is now much more than a buzzword—it’s a global mission that has also entered the world of project management.

In this course, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez introduces you to groundbreaking tools and techniques to make your projects more sustainable, including the Triple Bottom Line, which can help you start turning challenges into sustainable outcomes. Antonio provides clear and actionable guidance on how to plan, execute, and monitor your projects in the most sustainable ways possible, allowing you to go beyond small, one-time improvements and drive sustainability on your projects to come.

Note: This course was created by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and CRFT Productions. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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