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The Art of Photo Composition

Have you ever been excited about taking a picture, only to find yourself disappointed by the results? Practice and failure may be necessary to the learning process. But that doesn’t make them any more fun. In this course, instructor Tracey Clark takes you through the basics of visual composition to enlarge your understanding of how they all work in context.

Explore common elements such as lines, curves, shapes, texture, balance, repetition, pattern, positive and negative space, contrast, depth of field, and color. Tracey goes over your options for compositional tools, such as focal points, creative crops, and subject placement, as well as techniques for breaking apart a composition and stripping it back to its most essential parts, from choosing color schemes to cropping images, dividing frames, and shifting your aesthetic approach. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to grab your camera and start practicing, one shot at a time, until you’re excited by the results.

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