Negotiate an Offer

Nano Tips for Negotiating Your Salary with Sho Dewan

Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this installment, discover the secrets to navigating a successful salary negotiation, with key insights from Sho Dewan, the CEO and founder of Workhap and a LinkedIn Top Voice in Job Search and Careers.

Learn the essentials of talking about salary so you know what to say when it counts. Find out how to research salaries, work closely with recruiters, share your salary expectations, and consider your compensation package beyond just the numbers. Sho walks you through the three most important things to know before you even start the negotiation, with pointers on how to make a counteroffer that’s fair to you and competitive with the market. Along the way, Sho also tells what to say when you’re ready to ask for a raise.

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