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How to Collaborate with Your Colleagues to Build Psychological Safety Together

In today’s dynamic work environments, fostering psychological safety is not just a leadership responsibility but a crucial skill for everyone. Erin Shrimpton, a Chartered Organizational Psychologist with expertise in successful culture change, offers a treasure trove of knowledge and actionable insights for building inclusive, learning-oriented, and creatively rich workplaces for everyone. Whether you’re a team member, a leader, or an individual contributor, you’ll learn five practical strategies to foster psychological safety, driving innovation and inclusivity among your team and wider organization.

For added impact, try taking this course together with your team, implementing a new strategy each month to maximize learning and impact. Everyone can benefit from the principle that positive change happens not because someone does everything, but because everyone does something.

This course was created by CRFT Productions. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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