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Elearning Essentials: SCORM and Tin Can API

The rise of elearning is redefining education, from subject-specific inquiry to professional skills development. The growing demand for online course materials is coupled with a growing demand for back-end expertise. Enter the SCORM API, an industry standard for integrating learning tools and programs with learning management systems (LMS). All major elearning software can use SCORM for integration, including Captivate and Articulate—two of the most-watched platforms.

In this course, David Rivers offers you an introduction to the importance and structure of the SCORM API, as well as how to use the API for LMS integration. Find out more about the second generation of compliance integration, Tin Can, the Experience API for recording and analyzing learning events. Whether you’re an instructor, a designer, a developer, or a learner, David gives you the tools to make sense of these back-end elearning essentials.

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