Public Health & Health Sciences

Building Your Social Perceptiveness

Social perceptiveness—the ability to recognize, interpret, and respond to social signals from those around you—is a critical workplace skill. In this course, communication and body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards helps you develop essential skills to become more socially perceptive. Vanessa illustrates mindsets to help you become more socially perceptive, explains blockers that can get in the way of being perceptive (like assumptions, biases, or even just being busy and stressed), and details strategies to gather more information and tune into the signals that other people share in social situations. Learn how to spot negative emotions that other people may be experiencing as well as positive cues that show interest or agreement, and how to sharpen social perception in video, email, and text conversation. Discover ways to tap into social perceptiveness in key situations, like meeting new people, navigating conflict, and interacting with your manager or customers and clients.

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