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An Introvert’s Guide to Succeeding in the Workplace

Your voice matters—the introvert’s perspective is critical to a thriving workplace. This course is for anyone who would like to learn how to better communicate, manage their energy, and increase their presence whether they identify as an introvert or not. Many of us have introverted qualities—we need time to recharge, process, and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations. In this course, introvert career coach and fellow introvert Eilis Wasserman shares action-oriented advice for introverts, empowers you to communicate your needs, and teaches you to be your best advocate in today’s workplace. Eilis starts by sharing how to value your introverted self and increase the visibility of your quiet presence in an authentic way. She then dives into communicating with others, from surviving small talk to attending introvert-friendly meetings. A core focus of the course centers around reframing what networking means for introverts and how you can shine by connecting individually with others. Last, Eilis discusses the inevitable process of interviewing and how you can prepare for the unexpected and move forward confidently. You will come away from this course with empowering lessons that focus both on mindset and action, guiding you to own your career journey as an introvert.

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