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How long does it take to get a job? New LinkedIn survey ranks time to hire for 10 job functions

A new U.S. analysis by LinkedIn data scientists finds that it takes an average of 61.7 days from the time that a finance job is posted on LinkedIn to the moment when the hirer reports it as filled. The median …

By Carla Coury
Carla Coury Executive Director, Career Management Center
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How to Land Your Dream Social-Impact Internship

It’s no secret that when you begin your career search, internship experience will help you stand out from the competition. But how do you secure an internship with an organization you love? That is the million-dollar question.

According to a …

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How to Get Into Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be an elusive but exciting technological field. If you’re interested in working on creative, new technology that can impact how people solve everyday problems, the AI field might be right for you. This guide will teach you …

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Skill Building Courses

Redefining Workplace Learning Analytics

Taught by Stella Lee
Is your learning organization leveraging the power of data? Companies have long been evaluating the success of their L&D programs,…

Learning to Teach Online

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Teaching online requires different educational methods to engage the learners and deliver content effectively. In this course, video trainer and…

Creating and Deploying Microlearning

Taught by Chris Mattia
Feel like you can’t capture the attention of your learners? Get to the next level of engagement with microlearning. Microlearning…

Learning Moodle

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Moodle is a single, integrated learning management system that helps instructors customize their learning environments, and allows you to curate…

Foundations of Accessible Elearning

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Providing accommodations to make learning accessible is a focal part of training and education. But how do you remove the…

Elearning Essentials: SCORM and Tin Can API

Taught by David Rivers
The rise of elearning is redefining education, from subject-specific inquiry to professional skills development. The growing demand for online course…

Learning Microsoft Teams for Education

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Microsoft Teams for Education is a powerful platform that allows you to communicate, collaborate, and more with students and staff.…

Ultralearning: Accelerate Your Career and Outsmart the Competition (Blinkist Summary)

Taught by Blinkist
Ultralearners are ordinary people who can master difficult skills with extraordinary speed. As a result, they achieve tremendous personal success…

Supporting Your Kids’ Learning at Home

Taught by Kat Anderson
Corbin and Kat Anderson have spent years perfecting their teaching craft in both physical and virtual classrooms. During the COVID-19…

Converting Face-to-Face Training into Digital Learning

Taught by Daniel Brigham
Digital learning removes many of the barriers associated with in-person training, allowing professionals to tune in whenever and wherever they…

Learning SCORM and Tin Can API

Taught by David Rivers
SCORM, the Sharable Content Object Reference Model, integrates elearning content into learning management systems (LMSs), whether they’re proprietary or purchased…

Elearning Tips

Taught by Tim Slade
Are you a learning professional looking to improve your development process and create better elearning? Elearning designer and author Tim…

Applying Analytics to Your Learning Program

Taught by Tim Dickinson
Is your learning and development (L&D) program actually making an impact? And if it is, how can you showcase its…

The Digital Transformation of Learning

Taught by Daniel Brigham
Explore how to switch your training strategy to digital, empowering employees to access training when they need it and where…

Elearning Essentials: Storyboarding

Taught by Brett Kirkpatrick
You wouldn’t start construction without a blueprint. So why create elearning without a plan? Storyboarding is one of the most…

The Data Science of Educational Management and Policy, with Barton Poulson

Taught by Barton Poulson
Educational records and standardized tests offer a treasure trove of data about who our students are and what they actually…

Brain-Based Elearning Design

Taught by Joe Pulichino, Ed.D.
In this course, Dr. Joe Pulichino explains how to use techniques for elearning design based on brain science, that—when applied—make…

Measuring Learning Effectiveness

Taught by Jeff Toister
Are you looking for a way to assess the ROI for your in-house learning programs? Discover the ins and outs…

Learning Google Classroom 2016

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
Technology is changing the way we teach, and Google’s leading the charge. Google Classroom is the latest offering from Google…

Teaching with Technology

Taught by Kevin Kelly
Put the “tech” into your teaching. Learn how to use technology to enhance course design, lesson planning, presentations, in-class activities,…