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Is Business Services a Good Career Path?

Business services is a broad career category that includes sectors like information technology, engineering, architecture, law, advertising, marketing, staffing, consulting, facilities management, waste management, shipping, and security. Are you conducting career planning and wondering: Is business services a good career …

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5 Automation Trends Impacting the Finance Industry and 10 Fintech Firms Driving Them

Finance firms, like many other firms, are increasingly using automation tools and programs to increase the speed and accuracy of their work processes. The reason why automation is so attractive is it helps employees to complete repetitive procedures more efficiently …

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How To Demonstrate 5 Different Management Styles In An Interview

You’re interviewing for a leadership role, and you know that the question “what’s your management style?” is coming.

Beyond this one very specific window of opportunity, though, you’re wondering how else to position yourself as the style of leader you …

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  • Senior Manager, Business Development Invok Brands
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Skill Building Courses

Business Analysis Foundations: Planning

Taught by Christina Charenkova
Your business analysis plan is a fundamental step in your BA journey. Business analysis planning and monitoring is one of…

Business Analyst and Project Manager Collaboration

Taught by Angela Wick
In a business environment where complexity and change are the norm, business analysts and project managers can collaborate together to…

Project Management: Solving Common Project Problems

Taught by Chris Croft
When you’re balancing the triple constraints of project management (cost/quality/time) and trying to accomplish something new, problems are bound to…

Learning Gantt Charts

Taught by Chris Croft
What is a Gantt chart? A Gantt chart is an incredibly helpful way to illustrate the critical deadlines associated with…

Designing Growth Strategies

Taught by Anil Gupta
Companies need to grow in order to attract and retain top talent, sustain competitive advantage, and create shareholder value. Drawing…

AI Strategy Foundations for Data Scientists and Team Leaders

Taught by Matthew Blasa
As AI is integrated into our world, how can experienced team leaders and data scientists level up? This course lays…

Creating a Business Plan

Taught by Mike Figliuolo
Looking to build a business or expand one you’re already running? You’ll need to build a business plan before you…

Global Strategy

Taught by Anil Gupta
Globalization is a double-edged sword. Global firms benefit from a larger market, scale- and location-based cost efficiencies, and exposure to…

Managing Resource-Constrained Projects with Microsoft Project

Taught by Bonnie Biafore
The first in our series of in-depth looks at using Microsoft Project to manage different challenges, this course explores how…

Agile at Work: Planning with Agile User Stories (2015)

Taught by Doug Rose
Agile project teams create short user stories as a way to plan out the work for upcoming sprints. In this…

Strategic Planning Foundations

Taught by Mike Figliuolo
Join executive leadership consultant and coach Mike Figliuolo as he reveals how to implement a strategic planning process in your…

Creative Inspirations: Margo Chase, Graphic Designer

Taught by Margo Chase
Margo Chase is one of the most influential graphic designers of our time. Over the past 20 years, Margo’s highly…

LP/w Design Studio, Interior and Graphic Design

Taught by LP/w Design Studios
Libby and Patrick Castro’s marriage is the bedrock of their business, LP/w Design Studios. In this short film, the two…

The Five-Step Creative Process

Taught by Stefan Mumaw
The creative process isn’t just generating ideas. The reality is it’s a five-step process, and ideation is only one of…

Developing a Competitive Strategy

Taught by Anil Gupta
Competitive advantage is not about how good you are but about whether you’re faster, better, or cheaper than competitors in…

Running a Web Design Business: Defining Your Business Structure

Taught by Martha Garzon
Sole proprietorship, general partnership, corporation, or LLC? Choosing a business structure is one of the tougher decisions web designers face…

Small Business Secrets

Taught by Dave Crenshaw
Are you thinking about starting a small business, freelancing, or turning a hobby into a full-time job? Or perhaps you’re…

Running a Design Business: Pricing and Estimating

Taught by Terry Lee Stone
Do you know what to charge for your design services? Too much and you risk scaring away potential clients; too…

Running a Design Business: Creative Briefs

Taught by Terry Lee Stone
Learn to write a creative brief for client-commissioned projects and ensure you have a roadmap for developing great design, in…

Developing Ideas and Advertising Concepts

Taught by Craig Smallish
After landing a client, the designer’s first chore is to communicate and develop the initial idea, whether it’s a storyboard…