Building Experience

Are you seeking opportunities to add valuable experiences to your resume during your college years, but finding it challenging to secure a traditional internship? Perhaps you’re eager to gain further experience but uncertain about where to start. Look no further! Below, you’ll find a selection of excellent opportunities designed to help you connect with employers, acquire relevant experience, explore various industries and companies, and potentially even earn income.

Forage is an online resource which offers virtual experience programs designed by leading companies. Develop your skills and gain a real understanding of different roles and sectors by working through these self-paced modules, with tasks similar to those you would undertake during a traditional internship.
During the program, you will work through a set of materials and tasks set by company, which are designed to replicate the sort of work that you would undertake as an intern or graduate. All of our programs are self-paced (taking between 5 to 6 hours to complete) ensuring that you can fit your participation flexibly around other commitments.

These Programs Include:
– Video Instructions and materials created by employees within your chosen organization.
– Work that reflects real day-to-day tasks of interns and graduates.
– The chance to compare your work with that of a graduate at your chosen organization.
What are the Benefits:
– Sample what work is like at leading companies
– Discover career paths that you may not have previously considered
– Build confidence and gain skills to get you ‘work-ready’

Learn skills on demand with LinkedIn Learning and access courses and tutorials on numerous topics.

As a Tulane student, you have free access to LinkedIn’s vast library of courses taught by industry leaders. Choose from over 15,000 courses, which span a variety of skills, subjects, and even software. Some popular topics include:

  • Leadership skills.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Data analysis.
  • Design Thinking.

Paid, Flexible, Real-World Experience

Parker Dewey offers the opportunity for you to take part in flexible, professional, paid work experiences through Micro-Internships.

If you are looking for a chance to demonstrate your skills, explore career paths, and expand your network, but don’t have time for a traditional internship, these project-centered experiences are perfect for you – most can be completed remotely, typically involve 10 to 40 hours of work, and are deadline-driven as opposed to set during specific hours.

Set up your profile through Parker Dewey and start applying today!

Once you’ve explored these options, feel free to sign up directly on their platform or schedule an appointment with your Career Consultant for personalized guidance and answers to your questions.