11th – 20th Largest Employers of H-1B Work Visa Holders

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11th – 20th Largest Employers of H-1B Work Visa Holders was originally published on College Recruiter.

Yesterday, we posted the first in a series of blog articles about the organizations that employ the largest number of people with H-1B work visas. Today, in the second article in this series, we reveal the next largest group of ten:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): A behemoth in cloud services, AWS has submitted 3,617 LCAs. With an average salary of $144,837, it reflects the company’s commitment to powering the backbone of countless businesses and driving the future of the tech industry with top-tier global talent.
  • Intel: As a giant in chip manufacturing, Intel has filed 3,587 LCAs, offering an average salary of $138,302. This underlines their strategy to remain at the cutting edge of technology by recruiting the best and brightest in engineering and tech from around the world.
  • Capgemini: With 3,542 LCAs and an average salary of $115,736, Capgemini’s approach is rooted in acquiring skilled consultants and tech experts who can contribute to their global network of innovative solutions for a digital world.
  • Accenture: A leader in professional services, Accenture has made 3,531 LCAs with an average salary of $183,366, highlighting its pursuit of professionals who can deliver high performance in an array of services from strategy to technology.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase: This financial institution’s commitment to incorporating global expertise is evident with 3,504 LCAs and an average salary of $151,681, seeking talent that can innovate and excel in the competitive world of finance.
  • Wal-Mart: The retail titan, with 3,200 LCAs at an average salary of $147,435, is aggressively expanding its technology footprint, attracting specialists who can innovate in the digital and e-commerce space.
  • Deloitte: With a strong filing of 3,085 LCAs and an average salary of $133,546, Deloitte is on the lookout for talent that can drive change and deliver outstanding results across its audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services.
  • IBM: An originator in the technology space, IBM’s 3,066 LCAs and an average salary of $133,781 are testament to its quest for innovators and thinkers who can help shape the future of technology and business solutions.
  • Wipro: A key player in IT, consulting, and business process services, Wipro filed 2,875 LCAs with an average salary of $85,432, underscoring its focus on technology-driven services and a diversified talent pool.
  • Compunnel Software Group: Specializing in IT staffing, Compunnel offers a door of opportunity with 2,001 LCAs and an average salary of $118,082, aiming to connect global expertise with the burgeoning tech needs across various sectors.

Next, we’ll share the 21st through 40th largest employers of those with H-1B work visas.

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