Job Hopping Every 15 Months with Janzel Manalansan

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Job Hopping Every 15 Months with Janzel Manalansan was originally published on uConnect Curated.

In this episode of The First Gen Coach Podcast, host, Carla Sanatamaria, interviews her dear friend and first-gen tech worker Janzel Manalansan. Janzel is an early 30’s Filipino-American eldest daughter of immigrants who has leveraged her network and transferable skills to job hop every 15 months. Janzel is so genuine in her approach to building relationships with people and so fantastic at advocating for herself. She talks about both of these things on the show as she shares her trajectory from public service to law to tech. She also talks about the importance and benefits of asking other people for help and how to grow your career by talking to people you want to talk to and being in places you want to be in.


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